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Cutting the story short

My name is Cláudia Marques and I am a 24 years old interface designer from Porto , Portugal. I have a bachelor in Digital Arts and Multimedia Design and a Post-Graduation in Web Design, both in ESAD (School of Arts and Design - Matosinhos, Portugal) . Since I graduated I've been working not only as a designer but also as front-end developer and I've been trying to learn more about programming in a self-taught manner.

Some other me-related stuff

I love Music. I love to sing and to lose myself in the sound of a great bass or a great saxophone. Or, actually, in any other instrument as long as it is great. I love Jazz and Soul. Regina Spektor, Stevie Wonder, Sinatra, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Dave Holland, Ella Fitzgerald, Jonh Coltrane, Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse...
Also, there are few things that are just as good as a great movie. Tim Burton's Big Fish, Roman Polanski's the Pianist, Peter Weir's Dead Poets Society, Yann Samuell's Jeux d'Enfants, Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge, Marc Webb's 500 days of summer, Kimberly Peirce's Boys don't cry, Julie Taymor's Frida, Richard Linklater's before sunrise/sunset/midnight... are all movies that brought me great experiencies.
Besides that, I like technology, voleyball, chocolate, Apple (both the fruit and the company), Lian Hearn & the Otori's Saga trilogy, the Death Note anime, FCPorto, travelling (specially when unplanned and spontaneous) and, in a very cliché-ish manner, clothes (can't really call it fashion because I don't really know much about it).


I am most passionate about the interaction design part: thinking about how a person is going to use my design and making it the most pleasent experience possible. So I would say the major part of my work is to deconstruct a design “problem? researching and protyping in search for a solution and then continuously testing it with people and analyse reactions. After that, I work with the visuals - grids, fonts, colours - to build a proper image for the interface. I’ve also been working as frontend developer using HTML ,CSS and Javascript (jQuery); And I’m still a padawan-level programmer but I'm very curious and eager to learn - I developed my own app using the Rails framework for Ruby, so I’m getting acquainted to Object-Oriented Programming.



Interface design is not just something I do but also something that defines me. I'm always having ideas and creating new things, even if just for my friends and family. Everything around me works as an inspiration. For me, being a good designer means creating not only the things that are necessary but also those which are way to awesome not to exist. It means selecting and working on ideas that make the world a better place for people to live in. Considering not only the expressive, functional and communicative possibilities of the new technologies but also the social, cultural and ethical consequences of those same technologies. Therefore, it means making it for the people. Design is, ultimately, all about the experience and my goal is to design things people love to use, now and in the future. Three gentlemen that I admire and that, in some way, made me live design this way: Jeffrey Zeldman with his motto “Content precedes design? Simon Collison with his “Philosophy of restraint? and Tiago Pedras , for introducing me to the webdesign world and for his "Responsive teaching"


I realize I might not have as much experience as it would be ideal but I know I could be a good addition to your team:

- I am very passionate about what I do and I am a hard worker

- I want to create things that make the world a better place, that empower our culture and that add value to people.

- I do my research so I'll always know how to explain my design decisions. I believe more and more that design excellence is all about iteration and informed communication between all the people involved in a project.

- I always put much though on the concept, everything has to be elegant and coherent; I can and I have already brought my design ideas to life, I normally work on a product from start to the end and I won’t rest while it isn’t as good and solid as I planned it to be;

- I take much in consideration what people in general think about my work, as I design for them. I have a deep interest in usability matters and I’ve done some serious usability testing before.

I am, by nature, a very communicative person. I love feedback and I’ll always do whatever it takes to become a better designer each day that goes by. Being surrounded by creative people is, in my opinion, a very important factor for us being and staying creative. I want that for myself, I want to “Level Up? I’ve experienced that before, getting better because other people challenge me, and that is something that really makes me feel happy.